About Me

My name is Cheryl Lubin.

I am a teacher, radio host, author, mother, and passionate theatre-goer who loves to get caught up in the magical and often gritty escape the stage provides. Going to the theater and writing about what I have seen has always brought me solace, catharsis, and deep joy.   For that reason, I found the muse of theater has always  followed me, even as I dutifully pursued the traditional path of a law degree, a visiting professor post at John Jay College, and a thirteen-year long detour teaching public school  in Los Angeles.

For me, the stage magnifies, distorts, and showcases the raw truth that we seek to embrace and avoid in the world around us.  I write about everything, from musical comedy to my specialty – courtroom drama.

Politics as Grand Opera

While writing my dissertation back in 2008, I immersed myself in the grand and inglorious political theater of the electoral campaign as a great escape from checking and rechecking footnotes.  After writing a piece for Huffington Post on the election, I thought that maybe, just maybe, my progressive views and love of hearing myself talk might translate into fun and lively radio.  My show, Progressives’ Corner, can be heard on Saturdays at noon on blog talk radio.