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Here is a recent episode in which I interviewed performance artist and author Jose Torres Tama of New Orleans:

Dr. Cheryl Lubin, The Progressives’ Corner host, lawyer and author of the book “Performance in Law”, interviews cultural provocateur, essayist, and performance artist Jose Torres Tama, who will discuss his powerful work “Aliens, Immigrants, and Other Evildoers”, his upcoming book, and other projects.

Here is the link to the interview

My show’s policy is to welcome guests, however controversial or fiery.  While I often agree with my guests on sundry topics we discuss, their expressed views are entirely their own.  They may not be my views in all cases, but such guests, I find, have much to offer and are brutally honest.  Here, LAUSD educator Steve Badillo, a 40-year veteran of the teaching ranks in Los Angeles, tells the brutal, honest truth about the suffering of teachers today. Here’s the link:

Mr. Eric Dawes Smith, celebrated educator who served as a consultant to the University of Chicago and has taught for eighteen years, starts the conversation about the state of education and what he would say if given an audience with President Obama and Republican nominee.

Here is my show on the healthcare debate and a tribute to the works of Barbara Ehrenreich: